Few hours ago I looked at a Facebook page and read some of its statuses. I got some statuses that just described my situation now and I concluded this thought.

I’m a frank person . I am and always be rude to people no matter what kind of word I’ve chosen to say. I have the lowest level of symphaty, and though I am never proud of it I’ll never fake anything. I treat people with harsh honesty and I could care less if they don’t accept it. I’m discreet and there’s no one who can tell me to say or do just because they think I should.

I don’t live in people expectations, I don’t expect people to accept my opinions, what I do and say, and also what I think. I never bother with words, I don’t pour all my feelings and waste my time making lame Facebook statuses or tweets about love and friendships. I won’t say, “you are my friend,” “you are my lover,” “you are my family,” and talk constantly how kind they are or how I love them. I accept every kind of personality and I tell whatever comes into my mind. That’s how I treat people in my life. The thing is, they don’t listen more and assume wrongly. They think they know me and can tell what I think. They want me to listen to them and consider it, but they don’t want to listen me and ignore my words. Maybe they would like it if I just lie in good and kind words to make them happy. People just don’t accept the good things in my honesty and choose to hate me instead. Yeah, that’s me for them.

So I decide to give their freedom to judge me as much as they want. If you think I am cocky, arrogant, can’t keep my mouth, coward, this and that, that’ll be yours to say. I choose not to care, because I never force everyone to accept me. If they say they’ve seen the real me or what I’ve actually been, I let them have the rights for it. I’m a nobody, I am not living in a label, I am a mere human, and I am me. Am I perfect?
Am I always polite and ellegant? Am I always considering people would like or hate my opinions? Should I expected to be faking words and attitude to make people like me? No, certainly not. As I said, I am me.

What else to say?