So I am in third semester, and I feel kind of dreaded and anxious with myself after reviewing my grades from last semester. I got a failed subject, but luckily my lecturer gave a compensation for those who failed. Though I only got C as its subject grade, it was more than enough to make me relieved.

But to think about again, I shouldn’t have been relieved by the fact that I almost failed a subject. I’ve been ignorant enough to let my grade slipped, and in such a low number. It’s pathetic since I’ve always telling myself to keep all good grades and graduate soon. If last semester I’ve gotten a subject, then what about next? Two? Or even more?

I know that it’s normal to fail, because we’re all humans after all. But I can’t let the feeling that I should have done more with this, such as studying more. Maybe what has been distracting me was my hobby in internet browsing and social network. I admit that those stuffs had been keeping me lose my focus on my college and other important things. So the conclusion is, that I have to endure myself from internet-surfing so much. If I am to be very serious with my education, I need to keep focusing and avoid all distractions. It’ll be hard for me, but I have to for my own good. I hope it’ll be succed, and I won’t be facing the same situation again in the future. Good luck for me. 🙂

Yeah, college things are pains. Sometimes I am like, “Oh, forget it. I can’t handle it anymore.” and choose to let everything happens. But after experiencing so much things in it, I know that I can’t just surrender. I have to be strong until I graduate and be a professional English teacher. Well, gotta keep that dream comes true, right?

Since it’s midnight, I think we should call it a night. Until later people.