Starting this week’s classes with flu is hell, but it happened to me apparently. I came to campus yesterday in bad shape, flu and all, and AC worsened it. You could imagine how it felt to sit in the class, sniffling, sneezing, massaging nose and head and cursing inwardly. Ugh… It’s humiliating enough when my lecturer adviced me to go home early. 😐

I admit that yesterday I wasn’t in a good mood. My parents got into a fight in the morning and I spent hiding and listening inside my room. It’s kind of making me fell worse than ever, so I might be something that had caused my flu. Or maybe I was to careless with my healthness, I don’t know. Either way, my Monday was ruined by flu. 😐

Aside of that, I was actually a bit glad to know my classmate has been using Fremake Videe Downloader to download all videos he wanted. He said it worked well and thanked me for installing it to his laptop. The feeling when you knew you helped people and they’re grateful for it is wonderful. πŸ™‚ I hope more people would use this freeware because for me it’s better option than IDM. Well, others will disagree, and I won’t blame them. It’s merely my opinion, so if you still prefer IDM then it’s okay. πŸ˜† I am not really good with cracking and patching, and I hate whenever IDM can’t be used it prevents us to download any file. If you have another better program, let me know. I’d love to try it. πŸ™‚

Oh well, I have no topic to discuss right now. I’ll talk more tomorrow, I guess. Later people.