I am kind of feeling screwed right now. I had to start this day with a lot of chores, rushed everything like crazy to be on time at campus, and I didin’t even finish my assingments before going. I was in verge of tears with all rushing and unfinished works, and I didn’t even have lunch. To make a final, I also had to watch such a riddiculous drama in my class. 😐

Am I cursed by bad luck today?

I don’t know what is wrong with today. I had hoped that I could go to campus, spent an hour before class to download some videos or other things, and carry on for the rest of day being happy. It turned out to be one of worst days ever!

This week has been draining me with all frustations and sickening feelings. I feel like I just want to lock myself in my room for an entire day, to escape and go somewhere. I’m so stressed. I really wanted to talk about it on my blog, but I never had any will to write a single post. It makes me wonder whether i’m getting bored with blogging or I’m just caught up with my frustationat the moment. Either way, it sure is annoying the hell out of me and I need to fix it. I absolutely don’t want to face tomorrow with foul mood. 😐