Hey, I’m in breakfast right now. After resting my brain for few hours, I feel better on most parts. My mind is still troubled by some thoughts, but mostly I am better than last night. Usually I could let my frustation go after writing couples of sentence on a post. I suppose I was really in bad shape yesterday. *insert an awkward laugh here*

I never fond of whining about my days. I mean, I would still rant about a specific event happened in my day, but mostly I avoid telling how frustated or weecked I am. You wouldn’t have a blog just to contain all whines and rants over and over about your days, wouldn’t you? Two previous posts weren’t my first whiny posts, but reading them is enough for me to realize that how childish I was, and still am. I don’t want to sound like a high school girl that always whines over everything on blog and using the same words again and again. I want to handle my problems like an adult I am, and post a serious topic on my blog. How can I step into the mature stage if I still can’t pass my whiny behaviour?

Sure, to have some times for tiny whines won’t hurt you. It’s actually relaxing and it’s normal. But we can’t solve problems with whines. We can’t find the better way of making our problem easy by occupying my brain with whines. I should have handle it with cool mind, and whining makes me feel ashamed. I’m 21, and still whine like a 12 year old child?

Yeah, well.. The point is, I really want to stop making whiny post. I want to write good events and not to make lame descriptions about how bad my day is. As I’ve said, I’m an adult. I won’t waste my time whining. It’s not a wise thing to do.