One of my friends commented about girls wearing too much makeup at campus today. It didn’t really bother me much, but I did winced when she said that. Some girls have tendencies to wear more makeups that made them look like they’re bunches of zombies with a bit of colour. Me, on the other hand, aren’t confident enough with all makeups tihings. But I’ve been wearing kohl to make my eyes for fun, it looks cool and I really like the way it makes my eyes got sharper. However, since kohl is also a part of makeups fashion, could it mean that I’ve been wearing overdoing makeups? Usually girls in my class only apply the minimal touch of makeup on their faces, excluding eyeliner. They obviously are aware of my kohl eyes, kind of making me feel nervous. What if they thought I’m doing too much??

I agreed with them that It’s not necessary to wear too much makeups on daily basis since you are in the position as a student going to campus, not a bad-ass chick hitting clubs. It’ll only get worse with clothes; for God’s sake we are students! Use proper clothes surely won’t cause you any problem or damage at all. Why don’t we just simply stay with tees and jeans and avoid revealing lace dress that obviously aren’t different with bathing suit? Overdoing makeups, fine. Girls love being pretty. But clothes… Oh clothes. Go naked if you can’t embrace the concept of proper clothing at college. Or just don’t go. Whatever you would like.

Eh… To the makeups topic again. I’m not really against the idea of using makeups. I just think it’s not necessary. You can live your day without any makeups and you’re doing fine, so it’ll be okay. Makeups fashion is fun, but kind of funny if it’s overdone.