I’ve never known about “Candy Candy” until one of my friends mentioned it in our junior high school day. It amazed me how such a manga can still be fancied by teenagers in whole world, and even there’re a lot of stuffs made based on the story by its fans. Wow. Luckily, I can read the scanlation on Mangafox. I am declaring myself as one of Candy Candy’s fan. Weelll… Not those kinds of fan who like collecting Candy Candy’s stuffs, I’m not really into that thing. Candy Candy’s story is the one that really touched me with the pureness and beauty of all aspects. I’m kind of regretting how late I’ve been to read Candy Candy. I should have read it loonggg aga when I got a chance.

My reading is currently in Volume 5, and I’m reaaaalllyy looking forward to downloading the rest of the scanlation. I should thank Mangafox admin for the service, or else I wouldn’t ever get a chance to know the pretty Candy and her stories. Looooveeee it so much!!

Honestly, I’d love it if Candy ended up with Terry. But from what I’ve found in Google that they’re not together. Hm… Albert is trully charming, but for me his character is very vague in the story. Well.. It’s the author who made the manga, not us. 😆 I still love Candy Candy though. 🙂

By the way, in case if you want to know who my favorite chara is… Obvously, the answer is CANDICE WHITE ARDLEY! 🙄 heheh… Between Anthony and Terry, I would much prefer Terry. Reason? Girls always love Bad boys.. :3