I’m in an exciting mood to write more posts. Making posts in all three blogs I have for two days straight was reeallyy awesome. I hope this week will courage me to write good posts, since I am easily driven by mood. It kinda sucked when you have that writing mood and the concept is formed perfectly, but then you’re distracted by something else and everything is ruined. Gah! Not kewl at all. I don’t want to make a habit of abandoning all drafts on dashboard and skipping what I should have writen today. Also, I won’t insist on making long post and focusing more on the main topic of my post. Usually I would always make sure to write more than 300 words post so it won’t look short. Apparently all previous posts I’ve made kind of stuffed by repetance ideas and sentences. Ugh.. What a trash. I am so sucked. 😐

By the way, tonight is the Christmas Eve. Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, I can only wish a wonderful Christmas for those who celebrate it. Hmm.. I wonder if someone would love to share one of their presents to me. Heheh… 😀