People talk about New Year’s resolution to welcome the year of 2013. Since I’m celebrating the eve in different way (not in Year’s end holiday or semester break), my resolutions are to finish all assignments, pass all tests, and keep my grade score above 3,50. As much as I hate assingments, they aren’t be finished by themselves. And I still have to worry about final tests. What a busy life. But I won’t be a party pooper in this celebration. After all issues about December 21th, 2012, we should be grateful because we’re still alive to welcome New year. I mean, the end of the world will eventually happen and we never know when it is. It’s important to thank God’s mercy for giving us chances to live. Isn’t it wonderful?

I personally don’t really have further thought about my resolutions. If I still have things to do in next 5 months, then my plan will be related in those times. For example, my college education is my first priority and I have plans about it. Though I’m not calling them as my new year’s resolutions, they’re still plans I tend to complete in the future. Well, times flow fast. Just hope that I do it in the right way. 🙂

Before I forgot, I want to tell you about my Candy Candy reading. Finally, I’ve finished all volumes and my conclusion that the last volume seemed so rushed to be finished. I’m a bit dissapointed with how the story ended. Well, as we’ve known, it’s not ours to decide the ending. Though I can still voice my dissapointment of the ending of Candy Candy. 😐

By the way, I begin to watch Cardcaptor Sakura again. I have plan to download all videos, so wish me luck.

At last, happy new year 2013.