I suddenly have a mood in adopting virtual pets. I used to adopt pets on Squiby and Dragonadopters until I became bored.

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Good thing Squiby doesn’t require users to create an account except if we want to create an adoption pet, in Dragonadopters account is required and there’s no option for account delection. I felt bad when I decided to leave my dark dragon, Charon. That poor thing, please forgive your mama. 😦 Adoptions which are avaiable don’t attract me so much, so I chose the black cat for a start. Maybe they’re limited since I browse from my phone. Well, I’ve got to check on PC when I get a chance. The pet I used to adopt before was awesome, so I’m most certain that there must be more than those. Can’t hurt to find out, right?

I’ll post some progress later. If you would like to click my cat, my great thanks will landed most for you. 😀


Click Me!

Found this one too in my searching. Not sure what would it be, but the name sounds cool. 😆