A new addition I bought yesterday, was a blue headphone that can be folded. I really love this one since I’ve been offered least awesome than this before. Glad I didn’t choose that. 😆

The box says it’s compactible for Ipod and Iphone, but I don’t have either of them. Well, it’s useful for laptop though, and also does my phones. Haha. Love it. I might be buying another one for a spare, if I’m not broke. 😐

By the way, I’ve been absent with all blogging stuffs, always with the same excuses. This weekend has been a drag, it’s really getting tough. I’ll be having finals soon, so I need to focus more on college. Meh, so sucked. Hopefully my downloading will complete before semester break. Though it’s only a week, but I can’t wait that long for my free wifi. Lastly, I’m Just writing this for reminder. I’ll post more properly. Until later people.