Last light’s rain here was terrible, I must admit it. It poured heavily, almost like a storm that I felt so anxious. I’ve never liked night rain, it always got chills physically and mentally. Not helping when I had to wash dishes and since the sink is outside the kitchen, of course that heavy rain could soak me. 😐 Living in village is tough. πŸ˜†

Moreover, the electricity problem also caused me a great anxiety since it’s related to heavy rain. Whenever rain gets too heavy in the night, it usally refers to lights out which in some occassions happened for almost 2 days. I don’t like dry season when everything is so damn hot and sweating, but spending night with candles and downpour is horrible. I wish our oldy generator set was fixed, but it’s a lost case. Well.. What can I say, we can’t have all we want. 😐

My flu is back and slight sore throat, but luckily my chores are done properly without much troubles. Though I would love to do them in healthy state, not being caught by flu and sore throat.