Atshmetic problem is a tough thing, especialy since you can easily caught by it. I’m lucky to have it in lighter effect such as insomnia, breathing problem, lungs full of pghlem, unlike people who would get worse condition like coughing blood. Bleh, no way. I never give a lot of my mind about my atshma, but I’ll always be careful enough to avoid getting caught. It’s not something that you can heal with only sleep or rest for few hours. There’s a lot of things around that can trigger my atshma, dust for a common example. I practically fight over flu in every morning. Or too-much sweet foods, they are evil. I once had got a very bad reaction after eating a chocolatte roll, and I swear to myself that I will never exprience that event anymore.

Atshma is hard to handle for children and even an adult like me. Perhaps it’ll be more easier in my case since I’ve already known what to do whenever I’m caught by atshma. But for children, I’m not quite sure. I actually suggest their parents to always give a full attention to their children who have atshmetic problem, they can’t handle it and it’s usually worse on them. From my experiences, nights with atshma had always been a torture. So be careful, it could refer to insomniac behavior. They are lucky if their atshma can be outgrown through years, but there’s a lot of people who live with it for the rest of their like. I hope my atshma won’t descend on my children though, because it will pain me to see they live with this evilness. 😐