Sometimes I feel a bit amusing whenever I watch some kind of graphic computer effects in movies. Mostly they are entertaining to watch, but some are just full of exaggerations. I can’t decide whether to laugh or cringe at those scenes when the characters begin to pose some motions and the effects come out and that is that. Well, after all I wouldn’t mind watching them, though they should have been better.

Today I watched a 2001 Korean movie titled “Volcano High” on LBS TV, abandoning my cousin’s ask to go out with her. It’s an okay film with Japanese-manga/anime action genre, with a lot of fantasy graphic effects. As I said it’s kinda amusing with all its exaggerated scenes, but okay. The lead male character was adorable with stupid face and smile, 😆 Though for the female looked too masculine for my liking. Since it adapted to anime/manga that is fictious, it looked riddiculous. But hey, we can live with these things. Actually “Volcano High” was ranked as one of highest grossing movie in Korea, so it proved that people actually love watching these kinds of movie. 😆 Should make it better then, hey you movie directors. 😀