You know, people who work with deadline time are actually lucky because they have it. I did my self-challenge for two weeks and didn’t care about setting a deadline because I thought it’d just hinder the progress. It turned out that I failed the challenge before even settling time to end it. If you ask how I feel, it sucks. Like crap, Even though it’s just a silly challenge I set to kill my holiday time, I hate being failed. It made me ashamed because I can’t be consistent with my promise.

I want to say that it’s okay, really. But actually I feel bad. I mean, it’s not like there’s people who would care if I was having a self-challenge and intent to complete it. It’s not like I would get a lot of visitors and comments after publishing those posts everyday. But well, I failed because I overslept, so I thought I could have done better than that.

Next time when I have a chance to do this self-challenge again, I’ll make sure not to do my mistake and end up failing for the second time. I just hope that the conditions won’t give me any trouble, because it happened in this challenge session. I’m not planning to give up on doing this yet. It’s just pathetic to stop on my failure. Yeah, I’m definitely won’t give up on this sucked fail.