Ohhkayy.. I’ve been so lazy with updating my other blogs and being too focus on my main blog. I knowmI shouldn’t have done this, I’m being unfair and unresposible. But I’ve been extremely wrecked with all family problems and stuffs. The situation isn’t the the thing I’d love to face, in fact I hate it so much that I begin to think about having a job to get an excuse to be away from home. However, who knows that the thought of applying job could make me almost die in nervous? I haven’t done it, and yet I’m this scared. I don’t know what will happen, will I get a job or not, but nontheless I’m determined to do this because I can’t stand it anymore. I don’t want to be some kind of idiot who just sits in her room and pretends that everything is as pretty and okay as a blue sky in sunny day. I don’t want to accept it when my mom ask me to stop my college because we are uncertain if our finansial problem could support my tuitions anymore. I’v always been the one to endure everything whenever my parents are getting fight. I have to be the one who gets the impact if these problems. Now I am going to change that. I will manage to finish my college without my parents’ help. I am not going to tell my good for nothing father about my plan since I know what his reaction will be. I want to get a job, and I will do it.

I’m lucky that I have friends to give me some helps in job application. Practically I have almost everything needed to do this, just some more and then I’ll apply on my brother’s school first. I hope God gives all blesses for my decision, because there’s no way I want to an idiot any longer. Please God, please. Just give me chance for this one. Please.