I think this semester’s timetable is looser than the previous semester. Maybe because now we’re in fourth semester and the subjects look more difficult. And also with my plan to apply job, everything is going to be so tough. Not that to change it though, there’s no time to be a coward for something like this. Otherwise my mom will say that sentence again. Nope. No way. For now, let’s not talk about it. I’m not comfortable thinking about my plan before really doing it.

One news, my relative is having a wedding in May and they sent us two kebaya pabrics set for uniform kind of dresses. It’s pink, with hijab. Oh well, I have to wear hijab. I must admit I don’t like thought of wearing it for hours, but I’m obliged to use it soo… I can’t complain much. It will be a long journey since their house is in different town and it’s almost five hours trip. I don’t even know if I could handle it. šŸ˜ Then again to be honest I’m not looking forward to attending an occasion like this.

Good thing it’s in May, so I still have plenty of times to fuss about other things that more important. And of course it’s obvious I still have more important things to do than this wedding thing, because I am a busy college student. Duh.

Well, hopefully final tasks will be decided from the first meeting so I can do them early. I hate procrastinating, it’s tiring. Can you do all those tasks if you also have to focus on tests? I don’t think I can, even if it’s the easiest one.