Hiatus sounds crazy, I realized it somehow. It’s like you are suddenly afraid of writing and decided to run away from duty to make update on your blog for unlimited amount of time, then out of nowhere you would tell yourself, “I wanna quit writing.” and everything got dumped on trash to be picked up again next time. I know it doesn’t make some sense at all, but I really think hiatus is crazy. Same as giving up life. Hmm…

Or maybe the reason is because I don’t what I should write after knowing that I have been avoiding my update on this blog and refuse to call it as hiatus. I’m not on hiatus, really, and I hate to think that my lack of post update is because my writing muse is on hiatus. God, I have whole world to write as topic and all of them happened to be a word such as hiatus. I’m so hating this word, who invented this? It sounded like a perfect excuse to avoid doing something important like making update post on blog. Huh! And now I feel like crazy and twisted and stupid. 😐 Blame the boreness in my life. Blame it so much.

The good thing is, though I’m not making update on my blogs, I’ve been developing a good hobby to collect PDF novels and read them in my (too much) spare times. Yes, it’s cool and inspirational, at least for me. 😆 I’m in love with The Princess Diaries series and always eager to read these Meg Cabot books. Who knows they can be so entertaining? But regarding this, I can’t imagine a prince can have a testicle cancer. Just, ew. So weird, but after all these series are my new love. Until I found the new one. Haha. 😛

About the hiatus thing, I’m not promising to write more posts for updates though. Maybe just enough to fill the gaps, but definitely not much will be posted. Reason? I am busy, DUH! I have my limits when doing my things and writing muse is currently not available for service. It will happen also on other blogs, not that anyone complains though. I don’t think it’ll bother anyone if I’m on hiatus or not. Sob. The irony of not having a popular blog. 😦

Well, see whoever you until I write again. So don’t wait up. I want to rest my head since writing this post is kinda damaging my brain. Ciao!