Yesterday I got a new book added to my list, titled Easy by Tammara Webber. Done reading and spending some minutes smiling because the story has now become one of my favorites, I tried with other books since you didn’t waste quite much time and money downloading E-books just to be a decor on laptop. No, ha ha. 😛 I’m sure not many of people (I mean those who aren’t fond on reading, especially in form of Ebook) would very much prefer their laptop is stuffed with countless photos. Most their own photos. Talk about being a narcisstic.

I think my body began to let out some protesting signal after sitting in front of my laptop for two hours an half, letting me know that I have my limits too. Well, I didn’t want to end my reading just because I was tired, but my brain was like almost shutting down so I couldn’t help but stoping right there. Good things I have three day break every week since in my fourth semester I just have classes from Monday through Thursday. Lucky me. 🙂

So instead of resting my body, I choose this moment to write a bit on blog as some kind of reminder that so far I’ve been making improvement on my reading skill (I think). It’s good to know that you have a chance in your life to read a lot of awesome books even though only through Ebook. The thought writen in my mind was “those time and money was worth wasted.” I mean, it’d have been so much easier If I could get my campus wifi connected to my laptop everyday so I didn’t need to go to intcafe constanly and made my wallet thin. But books I’ve downloaded and read were very good and I am glad I have them. So I don’t regret things I’ve wasted.

About things at home, everything has been very hard for me. Mom hasn’t come back from her parents’ house and it’s obvious she is avoiding her source of stress (aka her children and husband). I don’t even blame her though, I think my mom deserves a break from stress and needs to be away for a while. But aside of that, I honestly say I’m kinda overwhelmed with feelings and thought. Worriness over my life and school continuation, future and other things, I feel like exploding. I don’t know what to do right now.

Not a “good” night post, eh? Blame my depressed mind who made my writing muse turned into whiny and depresing too. 😐