In this Saturday morning I’m a bit struggling between chores I must do and my obsession to read all books in my laptop. The weather’s kind of gloomy right now, and honestly it makes me nervous. I really don’t want to spend my day looking at such a dark cloudy sky and having a very bad mood. That thing can give quite an effect on me.

So next week I’ll be having three classes free since the lecturer is going to join on second sem’s field trip for a week. A bit shocking, but I think it’s a good break from all assignments we are given by. Ugh, just thinking about it is frustasing. 😦 my classmates always complain about it, but it’s not like we can do anything to prevent having assignments. Since there’ll be no quiz, mid term and final, scores will be taken from our participation and assignment submissions. Actually I’d much prefer doing tests than cramming my brain for those damn papers, but well.. I’m not the lecturer here. I just hope that my hard works will worth a very good grade in the end. 😆

News in this week, I got a new blue headphone and a burnt scars from a stupid iron machine. And maybe some amounts of epub books added in my lists can be categorized as a good news considering the troubles I’ve been facing lately. I’m getting interested in my reading and Adobe Digital Edition. It’s a very compatible software with simple but helpful functions. I’m very glad I had decide to download it.

Then again, Epub books are very helpful and easy to get for someone with tight budget like me. I didn’t say PDF is bad, but comparing to Epub I can’t say PDF is the best choice since I’ve been having a lot of problems when downloading it. So yeah.. If Epub can give me better what I need then what can I say?

I think I should better finish my chores first, my mind begin to protest on this mindless talk. 😆 I will write more next time. Laters. 🙂