Ai : OMG I dont believe this!! Rizu-cha~n..!!

Rizu : What?

Ai : Look at this forum thread! And these comments! And these blog post! I can’t believe they thought about JKT48 so low like that!

Rizu : What about them? Why would you bother fussing over those things? It’s not like they’re illegal to talk anything about JKT48.

Ai : BUT!! Don’t you feel angry? They’re so judgemental about JKT48 just because they’re from Indonesia, still unexperienced and less than other AKB48 sister groups! It’s just so unfair!!

Rizu : Maa~, we can’t expect international 48family fans to immediately love JKT48 just because it’s one of AKB48’s sister groups. Of course people are going to compare them with other sister groups, and even with AKB itself.

Ai : But don’t you think that the comments were too harsh? They deserve a chance to be accepted and acknowledged by all fans. They made fun about AkiP’s decision to make a sister group from Indonesia, they also made bad comments about JKT48, call them with rude names, some even said that they’re not going to last long, also about the fans, the songs version and PV, gosh!! So many negative critics! I’m so sad and angry with them.

Rizu : Should you? Let’s just see it in different angle. They’re fans of AKB48 and 48family who perhaps know a lot better than us. Those people were simply just observing, and if it’s kinda harsh then I guess JKT48 need to prepare for more in the future. No one can or will guarantee if JKT48 will succeed or be wiped out from music industry, cause it’s only 2 years since this group’s first debut. What they see and think about JKT48 are different with us.

Ai : I suppose you’re right. I just wish they don’t give harsh responses with rude name-calling or something. It’s a heartbreaking to see my favorite group being called as sluts, or that they don’t deserve to be in 48family.

Rizu : Hmm.. To be honest, I can’t stand it either. In fact, I’m sorta annoyed about it. But can’t we prevent it from happening? JKT48 is still faaaarrr away from being accepted by international fans, in Indonesia they still have haters! It’s a risk from being an idol. The problem is whether your support for JKT48 still holds high or not.

Ai : Of course not! No matter what they said about JKT48 I’m still going to support my group!

Rizu : Then what’s the point of discussing if you already had the answer? If you love JKT48, love them and support them. With fans support they will have courage to prove themselves worthy enough in 48family.

Ai : Yep!! Say, do you think what they said were true? Like, JKT48 don’t deserve having place in 48family or they are very sucked compared to other sister groups? Just curious though, I can’t get them out of my head…

Rizu : Ah… Well, I can’t give better comments about it. Like, as much as I hate it we can’t just ignore the comments and pretend that JKT48 don’t have any flaws. I aggreed on some stuff, their version on some songs are sucked and I often wonder if they’re gonna last long or not. If they’re deemed to be in under level than other sister groups, it’s safe to say that JKT48 is still growing to be better and better everyday. I like JKT48 not because they’re bunch of kawaii girls wearing seifuku and doing hillarious dance movements. I like them because they remind me of how a teenager spirit should be; passionate, cheerful and unbeatable no matter what people say about them. As they don’t care about JKT48’s existance, I choose to not care about them too. As they can’t accept why AkiP decided to make a sister group in Indonesia, I choose to not accept why AkiP didn’t make the decision long long time earlier. Simple the end.

Ai : Rizu-chan kakkoi~ You make me burst with fire! Yosh! I’ll also support JKT48 with all my heart no matter what! JKT48 Ganbare~!!! I’ll buy all merchandises! I’ll buy all handshake tickets, I’ll go to their theatre shows everyday! I’ll chant louder than everyone else!! Woo~.

Rizu : Jeez you’re so lame. How do you manage to do that? You don’t even have enough money to buy cellphone you’ve really wanted for so long.

Ai : Rizu-chan… So mean~. Hic.. *cry* You break my heart~.

Rizu : Don’t care.

Ai : Waaa~~hh I don’t want to be with you anymore!! You’re supposed to always support me like you do to JKT48. We’re soulmates!!

Rizu : I’m still normal, moron. You said it like we’re like a lesbian couple or something.

Ai : EH? We’re not?

Rizu : -__-