So I turn this blog as my special fangirling blog for JKT48. This idea has been in my head since a month ago. But I thought it’d be so weird if I suddenly went all fangirling mode and started to make posts about JKT48, so I didn’t do it immediately. Now it’s like a nagging bug in my head, so I suppose it won’t hurt me for doing it. πŸ˜†

By the way, my translation for Hitam Putih “Premierre KFC TV Performance” had been posted on I was kinda shocked since I had expected it to be posted in several days. I can’t watch the video via my phone, but I assumed that it’s not subbed, because the whole translations were posted. Well, I’m just a bit worried about the Indo dialogues though, I just let them unedited like that and sent them to Ka Angga after I was done with the English translations. Also, since the total pages are 65, I hope people won’t get sick in reading them. I suppose I should have shortened it first before submitting to Ka Angga. 😐

Anyway, I’m currently working on JKT48 Story episode 2 translation. One last segment left to be translated, and I’m going to finish it until at least before tomorrow. Argh! I’m so busy! πŸ˜€ but it’s a business I like very much, because I can do something for my idol group. πŸ˜€ To be honest this episode is so much easier than the first episode. And also, this time it was about Rena. I’m so happy that she got her turn in the second episode, making me wonder if members’ turn are based from the youngest one in first generation to the oldest one in second or perhaps third generations. Or if it’s chosen randomly, I have no idea. Well, as long as I can do the translation well enough for people to enjoy then it’s no problem at all.