According to some articles I’ve found on internet, JKT48 has been appointed by Honda as the brand ambassador for its new car, Honda Brio Satya on September 11th, 2013. I’ve seen the commercial clip yesterday, so in case if you haven’t watched it yet, I have the link here. Few days ago, some members had been tweeting with ‘Satya’ included in their tweets. They had made some curious rumors spread amongst fans, since Satya is an Indonesian boy name.

In this clip, four members from Team J got their turns as “commercial stars” in it; Melody, Haruka, Akicha and Shania. Two songs were performed in the clip, Baby, Baby, Baby! and River. And River itself, was chosen as the main theme song. Well, considering that this single is the most popular amongst other JKT48 songs, though the effect didn’t really give ‘wow’ vibe to be honest. The whole clip was actually not bad, if the theme song selection could’ve been better. But since this song choice was to representate the car’s sporty, energetic and dinamic personalities, I suppose it made sense if they had to choose JKT48 masculine song.

What I like about the commercial clip :

1. At least there were three mature members who drove and rode the car. With AQJ (a musician’s son who drove a car in the middle or night, caught into big car wreck and killed 6 people) car scandal is still freshly reported by entertainment and criminal news programs, it’d cause some frowned expressions made by society if it were younger members who drove the car. Melody, Haruka and Akicha are in 20’s age range, so although Shania was in the car, I got the impression that it was to tell people “as an underage child you have to ride a car with at least more than one older person with you.”

2. Akicha’s ‘wink’ signature and Shania cheerful smile. Slow motion scene for Akicha’s wink was the cutest thing in this clip. Maybe the closed up angle also added the point? Either way, Akicha impressed me so much by her wink in this commercial clip. 🙂 And for Shania? Oh, well, what to say about her? I suppose Shanju was the one who representated the “cheerful” personality with her smile. See how her eyes squinted when she widely smiled and pointed to another car? Welldone, Shanju.

3. Summarized, it’s an okay commercial. Rather off with River chosen as the theme song, but I didn’t object anything in whole clip scenes. Though if I have to compare it with another new JKT48’s commercial clip, it won’t have any chance. 😆

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