Reading through members Question and answer session on their Twitter Timelines is an interesting time. It also has given me an idea to translate them into English, so foreign fans can have the same experience by reading them. I told this idea to Ka Angga and he agreed. So, on the first attempt I translated Stella Cornelia‘s (Team J) Q&A session last Thursday. I finished it last night and sent to Ka Angga’s email immediately. The document contained 10 questions and answers I took from Stella’s twitter, with an extra tweet about her education info. Since I’ve also been working on Hitam Putih “KFC” episode script editing, all these works were kind of tiring. However, when I was about to close off my laptop and sleep, Ghaida Farisya (Team J) also began to open her session. Gosh, last night had to be my one of the luckiest moments! My oshi was the awesomest! XD

It’s a bit shame that Ghaida only got 6 questions answered, but it’s enough for me to feel so exicited and cancelled my plan to sleep early that time. After translating Ghaida’s session, I sent it to Ka Angga without hesitating. This morning I got his confirmation via Twitter that he would check and probably publish them today or at least tomorrow. It seemed that he had been so busy too yesterday. 😆

About members’ old sessions, I still can’t decide if I want to translate them or not. I said to Ka Angga that I would start this translation from their latest sessions, because if I had to scroll their olds tweets then it’d such a pain. But, dunno though. If people are interesting enough by this then I’ll take it up as a consideration. For now, starting from the latest isn’t so bad. 🙂

Talking about Ghaida, on yesterday Handshake event she was so terrificly awesome with her ‘Neko Mimi’ costume.

Ghaida Neko

And together with Viviyona (Team KIII), we got two coolest girls with twin hairstyles;

Ghaida and Yona

Who can beat them?! XD

(Image taken from Twitter.)