I never thought much about decorating my rent room. Not really sure if it’s worth doing since it’s just a room rented in 300k rupiahs per month. Then I got the mood to randomly google paper DIY stuff and a picture of flying paper butterflies on the wall had caught my attention.

My room, of course can’t provide the right colour and organization to provide the same look in the picture. I also don’t want to sweat myself repainting and reorganizing things in my room. So I just did it with the cheapest stuff; used papers. I have plenty of papers to use and a double sided tape. Cool, huh?

Taken with low light condition. Done it above my mirror because I thought the area was bared enough to be filled with paper butterflies. But as I see them fluttering when the wind from fan sweep over them, it’d be better if I used origami papers instead. Well, still proud to do this. Now I don’t have to wake up seeing my room looks so bare anymore. LOL.