It’s been a long time since I wrote in English, and about JKT48. Believe it or not, though not active much in fandom anymore I’m still following Ghashapon’s activities in JKT48. I really love watching her performance in [Bara no Kajitsu] as the center trio with Lidya and Yona (my oshi from Team K3). The song itself is also good enough to listen that it becomes one of my favorite songs. I think recently JKT48 coupling songs sound much better than their singles. I don’t say that I don’t like [Pareo wa Emerald] or [Kibouteki Refrain], which are the two recent singles released, but when compared with UG songs I’d much prefer listening to UG’s. For example when I first listened [First Rabbit] I thought, “It’s way cooler than their single!”.

From this I could assume that while the members are trying to reach senbatsu positions, UG positions have become their chance to show what quality we might have not seen in usual Senbatsu girl formation (the names we would always find in JOT’s choices). For fans who could watch all their theater shows or on/off air performances it’s probably easy from them to tell which is the real talent, while far fans only could tell from limited sources. What makes me wonder is that most of UG singles have better MV quality than the senbatsu’s. It’s as if JOT wants to encourage UGs for beating Senbatsu girls, and fans’ push over it. We can see how it happens on [Kibouteki Refrain] and [Boku Dake no Value], resulting fans comparation between both MVs. I myself even feel dissaponted of how low the quality of KR’s MV that I prefer seeing Value’s though don’t really like the song.

By the way, Ghashapon told on Twitter about her new hairstyle inspiration coming from Nogizaka46;

“Model rambut baru mu yang sekarang terinspirasi
dari siapa?” Dari member Nogizaka46 hehehe (*´∇

Since I don’t know much about Nogizaka46 it’a hard to fins who has inspired my oshi, but I actually think she’s much like Mariko-sama in that hairsyle. I hope Ghashapon can be as big as Mariko-sama or even more than her (if possible) someday. Let’s cross finger for that. :):)

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