Writing Out My Random Thoughts

Name : Annie Tjia (not original name, but that won’t be shared :p)

Age : 20. Heh, that old.

Sex : Female. Ha.

Nationality : Indonesian. Using English is fun, but I’m still an Indo. LOL.

Ethnicity : Lampung (father) and Balinese (mother). Do you know Bali Island? I love the culture and ethnic. Lampung is one of Provinces in Sumatra Island, at the south east. If you know Mount Krakatoa, that’s in my Province territorial.

Birth’s date and place : Lampung; Monday, November 18th, 1991.

Current home : Unit 3 Regency of Tulang Bawang, Lampung, Indonesia 35682.

Current education : 2th semester of D3 Foreign Language Academy, English as a Foreign Language. I want to be an English teacher, but other than that English is fun to learn.I used to hate English in ES because I thought it’s useless to learn. But then it turned out to be something I love after I got lectured by Miss Caeciliea, my 9th grader’s English Teacher. I always love the way she made us learn English in easier and fun way, and I really wish to be a teacher like her.

Heights : approximately 158 centimetres. Convert it in inches by yourself.

Weights : approximately 54 kilograms. Convert in pounds by yourself.

Favorite things like;

Foods : anything but seafoods and seaweeds. Because it’s just.. Yuck. Besides I’m allergic to seafoods.

Drinks : Ginger milk tea, tea, hot chocolate. Anything except alcoholic beverages. I’m also ‘allergic’ to those things.

Books : Howl’s Moving Castle, Matilda, Harry Potter series and Trilogy of Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk.but commonly I read any novel that I think it’s good.

Actor(s) : Bae Yoong-Joon, Kim Nam-gil, Vino G. Bastian, Tom Cruise (when he acted in “The Last Samurai“), Vic Chou on his drama serial “Mars”, and any else I don’t remember. haha.. and Will smith, so damn hot I can die.

Actress(es) : Hale Berry, Anne Hattaway. I don’t have any particular choice, if I like her performance then I’ll like the actress.

Movie(s) : Matilda, The Last samurai, Harry Potter, the Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, ect.

Drama(s) : My Husband’s Woman, The story of First King’s Four God, Smallvile, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries

A bit about me :

I mostly spend my time on internet, whether to check my FB account or Twitter. You can find the link on yourr right side. Add or follow me. 🙂

I dislike talking about sexual things or speaking in foul language, and i try my best not using them. It makes me uncomfortable using and hearing those words.

I can’t stand rudeness, and it’s hard for me to not being hurt by words or manners. I can be a big crybaby when I want.

I may seem to be an introvert and unresponding person, but I’m not really reserved. I just choose not to talk when I find it unnecessary to interfere. I mostly try to stay out of troubles and out of any people’s business and being distant from groups, because I’m not some kind of kindhearted person who would always give helps to the others. Some of you would find it hard to understand me and what really in my mind is. But that’s how I am and I’ll never change (at least for good things).

I am not fully trustful person. I consider good and worthy people to talk with. I don’t want to talk about personal things openly even to the close ones (and I REALLY hate it when people talk like they know me so well. Bickering about how you know me and you being my friend is ANNOYING. Period.)

I love blogging. I spend my time sharing my stories on my mobile blog, but suddenly I want to make a blog in WordPress and Viola! there’s my journal 😀 Give your comment on my post entry so I can share more things to you. 🙂

See ya.

I am a Proud Lampung Blogger!


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