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I guess that my previous attempt to turn this blog as my personal fangirling blog has gone busted. I didn’t make anymore post about Yona or Ghashapon, or even about JKT48. The reason is.. well.. life has taken its toll on me. A bit difficult to explain but that’s the deal.

I haven’t even updated anything here and despite my promise to make as many as updates to all of my blog, the reality shows ugly results so I guess I kinda fail to keep up my words. I really feel dissapointed with myself, honestly.

I think focusing on one topic for blogging is not really my style, since I’m so used to writing random topics which are simpler. To be honest, I was reluctant when I said that I want to use this blog as fangirling blog. But it’s okay actually. I can still try to update more to make up the lost time. Just hoping that it won’t also fail, though.