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I just arrived to my rent room an hour ago after my night shift. The air conditioner on Chandra Teluk Betung was so cool that it got me chilled me to the bone, plus with depresing thought of no sale. God must really love me because at 9 PM a costumer bought my top, costed IDR 249900 in 30% discount. Then the next costumer bought my button up blue shirt for IDR 259900 in same discount. I was so relieved. really.

But the fatigue would always at the top scale whenever I reached my dull and small room. I guess it’s because there’s no one to welcome my arrival, and it actually is really sad. I suddenly feel very lonely and miss my home. 😦 Being a SPG who is paid monthly and living in a small room alone, after working on night shift sometimes I have to find myself nothing to eat. The last option would be either cup noodle or instant porridge. Or I sleep my hunger off. I know I should have bought something before going to work, but laziness is a weird illness, which makes you delay doing things even though they’re important.

Working far from home, living alone in stranger town, and tight budget until salary day comes. I hope I don’t have to be in this condition for long.